All full-time students with a valid student ID card will receive a 10% discount on all basic and major services. Basic dental services include exams, Xrays, teeth cleaning, fillings, root canal therapy and extractions. Major dental services include crowns, veneers, bridgework, and dentures. Not included in the discount are anaesthesia, appliances, implants, laboratory fees, and whitening systems. To be eligible, you must be insured under a student plan or have no insurance. If you are insured under any other plan (such as a parent’s plan), those plans must be exhausted before you can qualify for these discounts.

Seniors & Patients Paying Out-of-Pocket

All patients paying out-of-pocket and patients above the age of 65 receive a 10% discount on all services. At Dentistry on the Mountain, we want to support all our patients so that they are able to afford procedures to have healthy, beautiful smile. We hope that the 10% discount provides our patients with the opportunity to explore the variety of options we have at Dentistry on the Mountain to have beautiful teeth. Don’t feel stressed if you are not covered under an insurance plan, we’ve got you covered! If you have a budget that you would like to stay within, please let us know prior to your treatment so that we can work with your financial needs. It is important for us that we accommodate you based on your circumstances. If you are a senior, please bring a piece of ID with you to enjoy the discount. Book an appointment with us today!

New Patients

Have you never visited us at Dentistry on the Mountain? Book a dental exam and cleaning now to receive ZOOM teeth whitening for $400! The dental exam will allow the dentist to assess your overall oral health and the dental cleaning session will allow the hygienist to ensure that your teeth are clean. On top of that, ZOOM whitening is an effective way to whiten your teeth for a beautiful smile. Not only will your teeth be healthy and clean, they’ll also be white for a bright smile. Don’t miss out on this deal; book an appointment today with one of our qualified dentists and one of our qualified hygienists!